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Apa sia Amani ! Hahahahahahahha wtf ! Crazy Amani Ft Dancing Sally ! HAHAHAHHA @ajbiebs @nrsalihah_

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endless edits of Sehunnie ruining my life ; <3

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when namjoon was gonna give taehyung a high five but taehyung didn’t see it.

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(5) Tumblr on We Heart It.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love
» EXO is watching
» Kfans are watching
» Normal Koreans are watching
» Jongin is watching

INTL fans are waiting.

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Reasons why Choi Junhong needs to be stopped: killer jaw

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Chen, Chanyeol - 140723 Instagram account update: “우리 첸종대 OST도 많이듣기!! #최고의행운 #음원4위다 #역시쫑따”

Translation: “Listen lots to our Chen Jongdae’s OST too!! #Best Luck #It’s 4th in charts #As expected from JjongDda”

Credit: real_pcy.

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husbands’ quarrel

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luhan did the ring ding dong hip thrust but then he realized he shouldn’t be doing that in front of a 14-year-old girl

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Hoseok & Jungkook in America for not even five minutes and already trying their hardest not to cry

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my own mark

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chanyeol trying to be cute to get out of trouble

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Fangirls aren't fangirls bc they're super happy people,

They're fangirls bc that's the last source of happiness they have left 😔😊

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